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Keeping Focused Through All The Chaos

Apr 08, 2020

Keeping Focused Through All The Chaos

            How are you keeping focused in the midst of all this chaos taking place? It is easy to get tangled up in the Covid-19 talk, but as agriculturalist our busy season is around the corner and we have a job to do. Country Visions Cooperative would like to share a few reminders to help keep you focused and to let you know what we are doing to accommodate you.
            Timing could not have been more perfect for us to implement our Ag Sync dispatching technology. Ag Sync is set up as an electronic tool for agronomists to send their orders (including maps and instructions) to the dispatchers and from the dispatcher it goes directly to the applicator. Once the applicator has completed the field, the system will automatically notify the customer and the agronomist. In the past, this processes consisted of a lot more phone calls, and a lot more paper. Here we will be able to eliminate some of the physical contact between employees, helping keep our staff healthy for spring rush. 
            As you are trying to keep focused through the madness, we want to remind you of a few things. Now is a good time to be getting out and checking your alfalfa stands. We want you to know that peas and oats have been a hot selection this year, so if you are intending on utilizing them in your crop plan, do not procrastinate to call us. Make sure your equipment, especially your planter is ready to go – you only get one chance to plant the crop. Remember, for every 1,000 plants late or missing that is  7 bu/acre off your crop. By ensuring your planter is performing its best, you are providing yourself the advantage of raising the best crop possible, while minimizing losing inputs by controlling what we can control.
            You all have a big job to do, feeding the world is no easy task. Staying focused and doing what you do best will get us through these times. We are here to support you through it all. Stay safe and have a successful spring.
-The Country Visions Agronomy Division

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