Soybean Season



 Your soybeans are  weighed and sampled upon arrival.  They are then graded for moisture, test weight, foreign material and damage. All calculations are made using this information. A copy of the scale ticket will be given to you at the time of delivery.

We reserve the right to reject soybeans on the basis of quality to preserve the quality of the other soybeans in storage. We will be responsible for maintaining soybeans in good condition and to insure them against loss. Prices are subject to change without formal notification. All price changes will be posted on the effective dates.


Moisture discounts are based on incoming or wet weights. Soybeans that are contracted or sold spot and are 13% moisture or less will not be discounted. Soybeans that are above 13% but below 15% will only have shrinkage, above 15% moisture will be discounted at a rate of $.10 plus $.02 per each additional 1/2 point over.

Shrinkage Calculations:

A 1% shrink will be deducted for each 1/2 % of moisture over 13%  to 15%. A 1.5% shrink will be deducted for each 1/2 % over 15. Soybeans going into storage will be shrunk an extra 1/2%.

Storage Policy & Cost:

You will have 10 days of "free time" before your soybeans will go into storage. After 10 days, the cost of storage will be $.001667 per bushel per day or approximately $.05 per bushel per month.  A minimum monthly storage charge of $5.00 will apply.

Out Handling & Transfer Charges:

You will be charged $.15 per bushel or a minimum of $15.00 per load if you wish to remove your soybeans or transfer your soybeans to another party.  There will be no charge for grain processed through CP Feeds LLC or for grain being sold through the Co-op.

DP (Delayed Pricing or Price Later) Program:

If you place your beans on a DP contract they are no longer in open storage.  You are giving up ownership.  You will have until August 31, 2017 to price them.  This may be extended if the CBOT futures warrant.  You may price all or any part of the contract at anytime the Chicago Board of Trade is trading.  There will be a $.04 per month charge for this contract.  This cost will be deducted at time of settlement

Payment for Soybeans:

If you sign a contract to sell your soybeans, you will be paid for those soybeans within 7 days after delivery for the contract. If your soybeans are sold on a "spot" market, you will be paid for those soybeans within 7 days.

Sell Discount Schedules:

Moisture%            Shrink%          Charge
13.0>13.5                  1                     0
13.6>14.0                  2                     0
14.1>14.5                  3                     0
14.6>15.0                  4                     0
15.1>15.5                  5.5                .10
15.6>16.0                  7                   .12
16.1>16.5                  8.5                .14
16.6>17.0                  10                 .16
17.1>17.5                  11.5              .18
17.6>18.0                  13                 .20
18.1>18.5                  14.5              .22
18.6>19.0                  16                 .24
19.1>19.5                  17.5              .26
19.6>20.0                  19                 .28

FM:  Any foreign material in excess of 1.0% will be deducted from the gross bushels

If soybeans are sold to the Co-op the following discounts apply:
        TW:              $.01 per bushel per 1/2# under 54
        Damage:      $.02 for each 1% over 2.1% to 5.0%
                             $.04 for each 1% over 5.1% to 15.0%
                             Beans over 15.0% damage are subject to rejection.
                             Green beans count as damage.
        Splits:          $0.0025 for each 5.0% over 20.0% to 35.0%
                            $0.0050 for each 5.0% over 35.1% to 45.0%

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