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                           COMING FOR 2018 Completion of the Agronomy facility in PLYMOUTH, WI


Country Visions Cooperative - Agronomy Division provides our producers with a complete line of crop inputs, equipment, and services through our 10 eastern Wisconsin Agronomy locations. Our Agronomy team is committed to provide our growers quality products, service, and knowledge with: seed, fertility, crop protection, and precision technology. Using these tools we work in partnership with our producers to cultivate solutions for each unique operation. Country Visions Cooperative helps our growers' business grow!

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Seed Solutions

Corn, Soybeans, & Alfalfa

  logo-dekalblogo-asgrow croplannk-cornnexgrow mycogen
  • Bulk Soybeans and Wheat Delivery
  • Soybeans & Wheat Seed Treatment
  • Custom Treatments Include:
    • inoculants
    • fungicides
    • insecticides
    • ascend
    • avipel

Oat, Barley & Winter Wheat

    croplan  legacy seeds
dienerwheat wisconsin certifiedpip

Forage, Cover Crop, Deer Plot & Lawn Seed

    lacrosse forage turflogo-earthcarpet 
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Fertility Solutions


  • Bulk & Bagged Blends
  • Liquid Blends - 32% / 28% / ATS
  • Pelletized Cal-Sul & Lime
  • Nitrogen Stabilizers

Nutrient Management

  • 590 NMPs & CNMPs
  • Soil Sampling
  • GPS Grid Sampling
  • GPS Field Mapping
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Maps

Custom Application

  • Variable Rate Application
  • Dry Fertilizer Row Crop Sidedress - Viper Technology
  • N, P, K, & LIME

Premium Fertilizers

    microessentials sz  aspireesn xlr-rateblack label zn
pegasus calcium products

Fertility Enhancers

    agrotaintitanaccomplish ln 

Crop Protection

Crop Scouting

  • Tissue Testing
  • Pre Sidedress Nitrate Testing
  • Weed & Pest Management

Custom Application

  • Floater, Sprayer & Aerial Application
  • Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, and Foliar Feeding
  • N Applications with Herbicide

Customized Crop Plans

  • Farm Specific Goals
  • Farm Budgeting
  • Optimizing Efficiencies
  • Capturing Yield

 Crop Protection Products

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Foliar Micronutrients
  • Plant Growth Regulators


winfield dupont syngentadowbayer crop science 
monsanto basf

Precision Technology

Precision Planting Dealer

  • Parts & Service
  • Seed Meter Calibration
  • Keeton Seed Firmers
  • Bulls Eye Seed Tubes
  • 20/20 Seed Sense Monitors
  • Field View
  • Precision Finger Meter
  • Precision vSet Meter
  • Wave Vision Seed Tube
  • Clean Sweep
  • Delta Force
  • vDrive / Row Flow

What is a Co-op?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines a cooperative as a user-owned, user-controlled business that distributes benefits on the basis of use. Member users, or patrons, own and democratically elect the board of directors, which provides oversight of the co-op. Net earnings are distributed on the basis of proportional use, or patronage, rather than on investment.

Cooperative associations have been organized throughout history to carry out many different activities, often in response to economic and social stress. Cooperative organizations in the United States first appeared in the late 1700's and today co-ops can be found in all sectors of the U.S. economy. Consumer, purchasing and farm supply cooperatives are all organized to provide the specialized goods or services that their member patrons want to buy.

By combining member demand, a co-op can provide better availability, selection, pricing, or delivery of products or services to individual consumers, businesses or farmers. Farm supply co-ops cost-effectively supply input, fuel and agronomy services to farm business owners.